Gorkys Batted Third (LOL)

by Greek Giant Bruce Bochy penciled in Gorkys Hernandez in the third spot of the line up for last night’s game. Read that again because it’s true. Ty Blach gave up home runs like they were going out of style. The Giants got shutout by a pitcher whose ERA was…

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Pablo Sandoval Batted Clean Up

san francisco giants blog panik

by Greek Giant Put this in your morning coffee and sip it: “Pablo Sandoval batted clean-up for the Giants in last night’s game.” In theory, Bruce Bochy still makes the line up and quite frankly, as much talk as there is of the President’s mental acuity, one could easily begin…

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by Dr Lefty I know y’all hope for a nice, lively blog post from me on Sunday mornings, but that game was…well…I got nothing. OK, not entirely nothing. The photo up top is of my new Pinterest board I made during the game. Fall is coming and I want to…

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