Together We’re Giants is an online forum for San Francisco Giants fans.We are a community for the serious diehards, misfits, and fanatics. Lurkers are welcome.

This site was started by Greek Giant, one of the refugees and a San Francisco Giants fan who lives in Lake Worth, Florida. The site will feature everything from game analyses to previews and guest posts.

Together We’re Giants is an independent non-profit publication with no corporate ties, no advertising, and no affiliation to the San Francisco Giants. The site is hosted, designed and published by Mediasophia INC, a multimedia firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • SurfCity

    Thanks again for s tarting this blog Greek.

    • Eleuthero

      Funny, I just emailed GG about not being able to find any posts attached to the latest article about how we were “Madduxed” in the Twins game. Is this where we should have been sent?