Greek Giant

All I want for Christmas is:

  1. The re-naming of the Giants’ Park to “Willie Mays Field”
  2. A new GM for the Niners
  3. A new owner for the Niners
  4. A new head coach for the Niners
  5. The Removal of all ads inside Willie Mays Field
  6. The Resurgence of Timmy’s fastball
  7. For MadBum to win a Cy Young
  8. The elimination of the DH
  9. The elimination of inter-league play
  10. For Posey to win a World Series MVP
  11. For Mac Williamson to hit 30 dingers playing left field
  12. Barry Lamar in the Hall of Fame
  13. Jeff Kent in the Hall of Fame
  14. No more jokes about Bruce Bochy’s hat size
  15. The end of free agent signing speculations…
  16. For the Giants to win 5 more World Series in my lifetime
  17. To witness the Giants win a World Series at home
  18. For Hunter Pence to play 150 games next season
  19. An interview with Willie Mays
  20. To play catch with Brandon Crawford
  21. Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas Everyone!