Greek Giant

In 2017 I resolve:

  1. To watch every Giants game
  2. To lose 15 lbs of extra verbiage in all my posts
  3. To learn more about the Giants Minor League prospects
  4. To write a few quips as funny as Matthew’s
  5. To hire Dr. Lefty as Managing Editor of TWG
  6. To get Buster Posey to autograph my jersey
  7. To interview Timmy
  8. To get Giants press credentials and interview Joe Panik
  9. To watch the Giants play in Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, New York and Miami
  10. To learn how to Surf with Surf Maui
  11. To find Clutch Up’s Guest Post I lost in Email
  12. To not alllow any advertising on TWG
  13. To hire an artist for our graphics department
  14. To organize a TWG annual convention at Willie Mays Field
  15. To shake Bruce Bochy’s hand
  16. To acquire an autographed Willie Mays baseball
  17. To attend the Giants World Series Parade
  18. To be nice to all of you even when you are not nice to me (You know who you are!)
  19. To assume that Bochy, Sabean and Evans know more about the Giants players than I do
  20. To meet Amy G.
  21. To petition MLB to introduce handshakes between teams at the conclusion of each series
  22. To give The Oracle a hug.
  23. To meet Efrain in New York when I go to a Giants-Mets game.
  24. To make this a fun and interesting blog.