Greek Giant

Baseball is both a profession and a game. The game part is easy to forget. We all get wrapped up in heroics, blown saves, championships and bitter defeat. All-too-often we forget that we are yelling at/for and screaming with people, men with families and vulnerabilities just like us. The news that Andres Torres’s wife Soannie Torres succumbed to cancer at the very young age of 37 brings with it a reminder of the fragility of life.


Andres Torres was a great Giant not just because he helped bring the first ring to our beloved city. He was a great Giant because he was beloved by his teammates and he played the beautiful game of baseball with a flair, passion and sense of pride that we don’t see enough among today’s players. A member of the Giants from 2009 to 2011 and again in 2013, Torres made a huge mark in the San Francisco Giants community. The well-wishers and praise for his family and his departed wife are touching indeed.

In times like these I think it very important to remember, as the old cliche goes, that there is more to life than baseball. Let’s all take a moment in our busy lives and wish Andres Torres and his family the very best in this sad time of loss. I will forever be grateful to Torres for his spark and drive, his leadership and his will to win that were a major part of the 2010 championship team.