Greek Giant

The Giants signing Michael Morse appears to be a silly move. It’s the type of transaction the Tampa Bay Rays or Oakland Athletics might make: squeeze some more baseball juice out of the veteran every other team gave up on. I am not sure what to make of it. At first it appears a bit unseemly, like a millionaire going to their Goodwill for bargain dishes. The millionaire pulls up in his Porsche and enjoys the thrill of the hunt, that special little piece of English china that’s discontinued and that you can pick up for $3.99.


Maybe, just maybe, Michael Morse is now healthy. Maybe he is back to his old dinger-smacking bad boy self that puts fear into the heart of pitchers?

I can at least dream. The truth is, it seems Bobby Evans went on some kind of nostalgia shopping spree this offseason: Justin Ruggiano, Michael Morse, Jimmy Rollins, etc….

We shall see how it all plays out but imagine, just think of the possibilities of a healthy Morse! If he makes the roster and actually gives MacParker a run for their collective left field money, it may mean a crunch on the 25 man roster and one of those young guns will be the odd man out. The funny thing about professional sports is that sometimes all the experts are wrong.

Remember when Jerry Rice was drafted in the 899th round? Remember when everyone gave up on Travis Ishikawa?

You have to love Michael Morse’s commitment to the Giants and his attitude!

No Matter What Happens We’ll Always Have Game 7 in Kansas City!

You get my drift. The suspense is kind of killing me.