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  1. horrifyingly wicked.
    “atrocious cruelties”
    synonyms: brutalbarbaricbarbaroussavageviciousbeastlyMore
    • of a very poor quality; extremely bad or unpleasant.
      “The San Francisco Giants play atrocious baseball.”

      Hector Sanchez’s career was going nowhere when the Giants decided to part ways with him. It took a desperate San Diego Padres team to resuscitate his Major League Baseball playing days. He is a career .464 hitter (13 for 28) with five homers and 14 RBI against San Francisco and a career sub .240 hitter against everyone else.

      The San Diego Padres are the epitome of a bad baseball team.

      The Padres have beaten the Giants 17 out of the last 23 games.

      Ty Blach was knocked around with a barrage of doubles and a homer by Wil Myers.


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