Greek Giant

Just kidding! The truth is that the Giants have invited Barry Lamar, of the Builder of the Baseball Palace on 3rd and King, back to Spring Training as a Guest Instructor. Evidently things didn’t go so well down in Miami under Jeffrey Loria. There were rumors of Bonds not getting along with some of the younger players, or vice versa. Evidently Jeffrey Lora and Barry Bonds in the same organization is a recipe for hurt feelings… I do’t know, I am just glad he is not wearing those stupid uniforms with the bloated and tacky “M” on the cap anymore.

Giants GM Robert Evans announced that the Home Run King was invited to camp in a few weeks and talks are still ongoing about the details. Imagine you are Austin Slater and Barry Bonds comes over to your batting practice session! That has to be an amazing experience, regardless of the coaching banter.

I think the Giants are wise to bring Barry back to the family fold. His presence and experience can only add to the teaching experience of veterans and young players alike. Did you know that Will Clark and Jeff Kent will also be Spring Training instructors? The Giants are bringing back the band and hoping they can provide the inspiration for more celebratory singing down Market Street come Fall.

I can’t wait!