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Boy this offseason seems like its been going on FOREVER. Nobody hates all the stupid trade rumors and talk more than I do which is why I don’t usually post articles about them.

Today the new Hall of Fame Ballot is being sent to eligible writers. Here it is:

2018 Hall of Fame ballot

Name 2017 votes Percentage Current year on ballot
Barry Bonds 238 53.8 6th
Chris Carpenter 1st
Roger Clemens 239 54.1 6th
Johnny Damon 1st
Vladimir Guerrero 317 71.1 2nd
Livan Hernandez 1st
Trevor Hoffman 327 74.0 3rd
Orlando Hudson 1st
Aubrey Huff 1st
Jason Isringhausen 1st
Andruw Jones 1st
Chipper Jones 1st
Jeff Kent 74 16.7 5th
Carlos Lee 1st
Brad Lidge 1st
Edgar Martinez 259 58.6 9th
Hideki Matsui 1st
Fred McGriff 96 21.7 9th
Kevin Millwood 1st
Jamie Moyer 1st
Mike Mussina 229 51.8 5th
Manny Ramirez 105 23.8 2nd
Scott Rolen 1st
Johan Santana 1st
Curt Schilling 199 45.0 6th
Gary Sheffield 59 13.3 4th
Sammy Sosa 38 8.6 6th
Jim Thome 1st
Omar Vizquel 1st
Billy Wagner 45 10.2 3rd
Larry Walker 97 21.9 8th
Kerry Wood 1st
Carlos Zambrano 1st

Let’s play a game today Giants fans: Cast your vote for everyone you think should be a a Hall of Fame inductee. Keep it simple and just provide a list. Feel free to mention if your player should be a unanimous pick.

Here are my picks for the 2018 Hall of Fame Class: 

Barry Lamar (unanimous)
Jeff Kent
Chipper Jones
Manny Ramirez
Trevor Hoffman
Roger Clemens
Edgar Martinez