Greek Giant

There are two big games on the schedule today. The Walgreens face the prospect of another humiliating upchuck all over themselves playoff exit in the early rounds after being the National League’s most dominant team. The drama surrounding Strasburg and Dusty’s will he or won’t he pitch game 4 is looking more and more kind of sad. If Strasburg doesn’t win this game then these events will be another chapter in this cursed franchise’s long history of aching and agonizing disappointments.

The Yankees are on the verge of a big upset and could do some damage in the postseason with their slugging lineup.

One of you had the temerity to question, in a rude and insulting way,  a recent post of mine that noted the starting pitching in this postseason has been less than stellar. In fact it’s been historically awful with ripple effects felt throughout games down the road.

First, it’s bad form to be an asshole, even if you are correct.

Second, when you combine being an asshole with being wrong well then, you’re just sad and pathetic, like a certain President…

I don’t usually have the time or inclination to address all the slights and insults directed at me and others because I have better things to do with my time but in this case I am taking special delight in dropping the mic on your head.

Read this, and this, and this, and this:

When starters don’t go deep the ripple effects are profound: Managers burn their number 2 and 3 starters for future games, relievers get used up early and have to pitch more innings and throw more pitches, etc…

I have always felt that the single most important ingredient in a World Series championship is 3 stud or very good starting pitchers or one super-human one called Madison Bumgarner.

With the emphasis on relief in the past two postseasons, managers are over-thinking and over-taxing their staffs as they over-manage (John Maddon, Joe Girardi, John Farrell, Dusty Baker).

My heart and prayers go out to the Northern Californians affected by the monstrous wild fires. This has been a very bad year for nature’s wrath. We will include donations from the upcoming auction to be directed at those folks in California affected by these events.