Greek Giant

At some point I will write a long piece that will be an autopsy of the Giants 2017 season. I’m not emotionally ready for that yet. So, today I am writing about the 2017 postseason. This is what it’s like for the plebes: no postseason, living vicariously through other teams, hoping one day your club gets to play in October.

Bold Greek Giant Predictions

AL Wild Card: Yankees over Twins
ALDS: Indians over Yankees in 4; Astros over Red Sox in 5
ALCS: Indians over Astros in 6

NL Wild Card: Rockies over Diamondbacks
NLDS: Dodgers over Rockies in 5; Walgreens over Cubs in 5
NLCS: Walgreens over Dodgers in 7

World Series: Indians over Walgreens in 6

American League Wild Card Game

The Yankees have a strong team and Severino is pitching tonight. I feel for the Twins. They are a great story, losing more than 100 games last year and then making the postseason in 2017. Don’t be shocked if they win tonight. Yankee Stadium is a band box and one poke to right could determine the outcome of the season for either team. The Yankees are dangerous with their deep bullpen, turning games basically into 5 inning contests….