Greek Giant

I hate to say it but this just might be the Dodgers’ year. They seem to be cruising and catching all the breaks, so far. Despite Corey Seager’s injurty, the Dodgers keep finding ways to win. I have zero confidence in the Cubs and their ability to go toe-to-toe with that Dodger line up.

My prayers and thoughts go to all affected by the California wild fires. It breaks my heart to keep reading about them and see the devastation and loss of life they have caused. I am speechless really. When I lived in San Francisco I spent many wonderful day trips in Sonoma, Bodega Bay, Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga, Petaluma and their gorgeous environs. This is nature’s way of humbling us. The area will rebuild but the loss of life is just so tragic. If you know people in the area trying to brave it out please tell them to evacuate and not to take any chances, even if they appear safe for the moment. California will find a way to rebuild and I will think of a way for Together We’re Giants to help.

This is an exciting week for TWG. I will be announcing the first annual Together We’re Giants awards and publishing the auction.

Stay Tuned.