Greek Giant

That was one of the poorest displays of Major League Baseball defense you will ever see:

  1. Hunter Pence and Joe Panik miscommunicated and let a routine fly ball fall between them. It was Pence’s ball all the way and it should never happen. A double was rewarded.
  2. Austin Slater lost a routine soft sailing liner in the lights and it sailed between his glove and belly: the scorer rewarded a double.
  3. Kelby Tomlinson fielded a routine grounder with Clayton Kershaw on second and trying to advance to third. Tomlinson’s throw was way off line and Kershaw was safe: the scorer awarded a fielder’s choice


I don’t know what was worse, the official scoring or the Giants defense.

Johnny Cueto was on a pace to pitch a 225 pitch complete game shutout (a “Lincecum”) until the fateful fourth inning happened.

He should opt out on principal.