Greek Giant

So far so good. My parents lost power today while I still have mine which means I get to watch the Giants.

MadBum is pitching, enough said. I would still rather watch the Giants, on the way to a 100-loss season, than NFL Football. I guess I’m feeling a bit sentimental with all the signs of the weather apocalypse around me.

Things are getting serious: I’m out of champagne and running low on gin.

In all seriousness, the east coast of Florida is going to be fine. The majority of the state’s population is between me (in West Palm Beach) and Miami so that is a godsend. The dreadful news is that the west coast, particularly Tampa and St. Pete, full of kind people, are about to get pummeled unless Irma moves away, which I am praying for. This could be one of the worst natural disasters in American History folks.

Go Giants.

Pray for those in Irma’s path.