Greek Giant

Among the great disappointments, so far, of 2017 Matt Moore may be at the top of my list. The lefty was expected to be a rotation mainstay with his impressive stuff and his relatively young age. When you factor in his scintillating start in last year’s playoffs against the Cubs, I think it would be fair to say we all had great expectations for Mr. Moore.

It’s funny how life cuts you down to size when the expectations get a little too grand.

I am sure a big question mark for the Giants is the future of Matt Moore and whether or not he will be a performer the team can count on next year. His 5.82 ERA is one of the worst in all of baseball. There are no expanded, fancy, ultra, sabermetric stats to sugar coat his 2017 season. He has been horrible and I am sure he would be the first to agree.

Tonight the Giants hope to add to their record-breaking run to a 35 game winning streak with a win against the Bums and an eventual series sweep.