Greek Giant

This is the moment you have all been waiting for, whether you realize it or not: The 2017 Together We’re Giants Awards. The awards were decided by a panel of sports writers, Giants fans, the Giants front office and reporters from the Giants Beat at the Chronicle, KNBR, and the Mercury News.

Just Kidding. They were decided by me. Each of the winners will receive an autographed, game-used George Kontos cleat. Just kidding again. Each winner and all of you who post and read this blog deserve a round of applause and a pat on the back. Thanks for making this mostly fun and illuminating.

Your 2017 Award Winners

  1. Most Valuable Poster (MVP): Dr. Lefty. The one poster this blog could not survive without!
  2. Most Pessimistic Poster (MPP): EFrain. He who never sees anything but dark clouds and half empty glasses.
  3. Most Optimistic Poster (MOP): Surf Maui. The opposite of the MPP. (I toyed with calling this the Most Delusional Poster but..)
  4. Most Knowledgable Poster (MKP): Clutch Up. He who brings the most factual and historical knowledge to each post.
  5. Most Delusional Trade Theorist (MDTT):  Foothills Ryan. Don’t stop dreaming of miraculous trades good sir!
  6. Most Humorous Poster (MHP): Matthew. The one who makes us laugh all the time…
  7. Most Prolific Poster (MPRP): Dr. Lefty. The one who defies the law of time, work, and life to post and post and post…
  8. Most Obnoxious Poster (MOBP): Peter Johnson. The one who goes out of his way to be insulting and nasty…
  9. Most Down to Earth Poster (MDP): Baldhead Slikk. The one who gives us a reality check from time to time.
  10. Most Righteous Poster (MRP): The Sincere. He who has excellent taste in music and always a great attitude.
  11. Most Sarcastic Poster (MSP): Rob Deer. He who has a response for everything.
  12. Most Anti-Pants Poster (MAP): Just Peachy. I still can’t figure out if she is 22 or 64 and I love that!
  13. Best Fake Poster (BFP): Maggie Horowitz. Excellent choice of pseudonym! I think it’s actually Duane Kuiper.