Greek Giant

Tonight’s game: Rockies(47-32 ) Vs Giants (28-51) at Willie Mays Field, 7:15 PM
Jeff Hoffman (4-1, 4.29) Vs Matt Cain (3-7, 5.54)

The Giants have called up Jae Gyun Hwang. He will presumably replace Ryder Jones at third base in tomorrow’s game. Tonight Ryder gets a chance to go 5-5 and drive in the winning run.

Five Questions

  1. What is Matt Cain’s place in the rotation when MadBum returns?
  2. Should MadBum be put on ice this season?
  3. Does Buster have a chance two win the MVP?
  4. Is Brandon Belt coming out of his funk?
  5. Will Christian Arroyo make it back to the Giants in 2017?