Greek Giant

Tonight’s Game: Indians (47-43) Vs Giants (35-58) at Willie Mays Field, 7:10 PM
Josh Tomlin (5-9, 5.90) Vs. Matt Moore (3-9, 6.04)

The Giants are going to be sellers at the trade deadline and the rumors are flying. Based on yesterday’s performance, Jeff Samardzija realy, really, really does not want to be traded. He likes the food in San Francisco. There are lots of ifs, maybes, and other perhaps regarding players like Cueto, Strickland, Smarge and maybe even BB9. We shall see. Tonight the Giants are hoping to give the fans their money’s worth against the Indians, who just got their asses handed to them by the A’s over the weekend.

This ought to be fun.

Five Questions

  1. What happened to the Giants’ starting pitching staff this year?
  2. Is it time for the Giants to make a change in their coaching staff?
  3. Rebuild? Reboot? or Retool?
  4. Is there a trade market for Denard Span?
  5. Why are the Indians a pedestrian 4 games over .500 heading into tonight’s game?