Greek Giant

Tonight’s Game: Indians (48-43) Vs Giants (35-59) at Willie Mays Field, 7:10 PM
Mike Clevinger (5-3, 3.00) Vs. Ty Blach (6-5, 4.60)

Time will tell if the Giants sell-out streak will stay in the record books or not. Tonight they can begin a new one. With 31,000 season tickets sold before the year, that means the Giants need only to attract 10,000 fans per game. Does it matter? Should the fans stay away in protest to send the owners a message?

Five Questions

  1. What was the best trade in San Francisco Giants history?
  2. What was the worst trade in San Francisco Giants history?
  3. Should the Giants blow up the pitching staff and start over, keeping only Bum and maybe Strick?
  4. Is the Hwang Dynasty over?
  5. What will Kyle Crick’s role be in 2018?