Greek Giant

Tonight’s Game: Padres (41-54) Vs Giants (37-60) at Willie Mays Field, 7:15 PM
Trevor Cahill (4-3, 3.14) Vs. Jeff Samardzija (4-11, 4.86)

The Padres have beaten the Giants 15 times out of the last 20. If that’s not rock bottom I don’t know what is.

Jeff Samardzija is the poster child for old-school metrics dudes and dudettes like me. His FIP is pretty good. His FIP+ is supposedly very good but his ERA is 4.86. His record speaks for itself, often pitching just well enough to lose close games. Like MadBum his last two outings, Smarge will look dominant for a couple innings before surrendering the long ball that decides the game. It’s ugly. If you pitch 6 dominant innings but give up two dingers and 4 runs in 7 total innings,  you did not pitch well in my book.

It may be time to blow up (i.e. trade) the Giants pitching staff, keeping only MadBum and that’s it…..

Five Questions

  1. Should Smarge shave his goatee?
  2. Is Denard Span having a good year?
  3. Is Hunter Pence in decline or just having a bad streak of three years?
  4. Is Smarge on the trading block?
  5. Should the Giants promote Chris Shaw in November?