Greek Giant

Brandon Crawford hit a laser beam home run. Matt Moore, thanks in part to some excellent relief corps work, pitched 6 innings without allowing a run and was ahead of hitters all day. He looked like the Matt Moore the Giants were hoping to get all season. Somebody please tell him the Giants renewed his option before every start. Make the option something like the option to provide him with a belly rub, a clean towel, or new shoes before every game…

The game felt like the Giants were the team heading to the postseason to undo the hopes of unsuspecting baseball fans across America. Instead, the Rockies are feeling the heat of the postseason run and not hitting. It is quite a site to see the likes of LeMahieu, Arenado and Blackmon humbled by a pitcher with a 5+ ERA who was basically a human batting practice machine for much of 2017.

Joe Panik continues to rake. He is now batting .291 with three hits and an RBI in yesterday’s game after being mired in the .240s in May. Atta boy Joe!