Greek Giant

Some Numbers:

  • The Giants lost for the 12th time in the past 13 games
  • The Giants team ERA is 6.00 in June
  • The Giants are on a pace to lose 106 games this season
  • The Giants, in last place, are 24.5 games behind the Dodgers, who are in first place
  • The Giants have a -107 run differential, second worst in the Majors
  • The Giants team ERA for the season is 4.82, 12th in the NL
  • The Giants are 27-51, for the first time since 1902

I could go on. There is no need to really but seeing the hard numbers reaffirms all the anger, sadness, and doubt of this baseball team we all feel. It is all so very sad. I’m sure Bochy is at his wit’s end. This is un-precedented run of futility in the history of the franchise, dating back to the New York years.

As a fan, what I need most right now, apart from a win, is a statement from the front office that reassures me. I need them to tell the fans they are on top of this, that this season, this losing will not stand and that it will be fixed immediately for the short and long terms.

Right now, the silence and denial from the front office bother me as much as all the losing does, to be honest. I think the Giants are paying the price for having ownership by consortium. Surely if there was one owner, there would be more vocal, and perhaps better leadership.