Greek Giant

Mr. Baggarly and Mr. Brisbee wrapped up last night’s game beautifully in their own signature styles. It would be uncouth for me to add my own take. It would only be filled with expletives and I am recovering from a hurricane, taking care of my parents and resorting to watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for entertainment instead of the Giants.

My night time activities have reached a new low.

Needless to say I am not in a good mood this morning.

Word on the street is the Giants are soliciting suggestions for their 2018 official slogan.

Here are mine:

  1. “Together we’re not Marlins fans.”
  2. “Hey those World Series Championships weren’t that long ago!”
  3. “Come on Giants fans, hang in there!”
  4. “Win it for Lou Seal!”
  5. “Your 2018 Giants: Together we’re not that old.”
  6. “Because losing builds character…”
  7. “Maybe, Maybe, Maybe!”
  8. “Make the Giants great again.”
  9. “Our future is yesterday.”
  10. “Because the Baseball gods have punished us enough…”