Greek Giant

I very much enjoy reading your comments for many reasons, one of which is getting a perspective on how my (2) fans think about my points of view and insight. To make up for my fairly critical post on Miami yesterday, I decided to offer some tidbits on what makes Miami unique and fun. First, the photo is one of my favorite meals all time: the fried chicken with waffles at Yardbird in South Beach, simply phenomenal and one of my haunts.

Did I hear salsa? Yes, for a fabulous night out go to Little Havana and dance the Giants blues away at Ball and Chain, an impossibly unique experience that’s part Havana circa 1952 and part Miami 2017.

For a sexy drinking experience by the ocean go to The Delano Hotel, easily one of the most beautiful bars/restaurants/lobbies and sensual experiences in Miami Beach.

For a good cultural experience visit PAMM, a new museum of modern and contemporary art on the shores of Biscayne Bay. I go at least once a month for an art fix and it’s a great experience. Their restaurant is outstanding and you can sit outside by the bay for a sumptuous view.

Miami and Miami Beach are very unique experiences and it’s not altogether fair to call the area a “bad baseball town” as I did yesterday. In truth, the reason the Marlins don’t draw well is almost entirely due to the arrogance, ineptitude and greed of Jeffrey Loria. He is the most hated man in town. The area, indeed all of Florida, is really a baseball heaven with tremendous athletes, many Minor League teams, Spring Training, great college baseball and year-round little leagues. ARod went to UM. The Gators just won the National Championship. The Miami area, with its huge hispanic population, does appreciate baseball but what they want more than anything is a winner.

When I heard the news of the imminent sale of the Marlins I was quietly optimistic that Jeter and CO will put together a respectable team and rebuild the relationship between the fans and the Marlins. What makes Miami so interesting and unique is that it really is the capital of Hispanic America. With a mix of South Americans, Caribbean Islanders and Central Americans, I would venture to say that visiting Miami is as exotic as traveling abroad, in good ways. It’s always worth a visit, especially when the Giants are in town.

There was a wacky Miami Tourist Board commercial that aired in the 1980s during the height of the cocaine crisis I wanted to post here. It was absolutely Felliniesque in its hilarity and tone-deafness. You had area celebrities like Don Shula singing “It’s Miami… My Miami and Miami’s for me” with panoramic vistas of the city in the background. You can’t make this stuff up. Unfortunately I could not find a video of it so I am posting a cool commercial for Miami Vice instead. That was a fun show indeed and it really captured Miami in the 1980s.

Tonight MadBum is pitching. I am braving traffic to report live from the game. I will some photos and any news I can give you. Look for me just behind Bruce Bochy in the box seats. I scored 12th row seats for $34! You have to love the Marlins fans!