Greek Giant

On this day way back in 1963 at Pittsburgh’s Forbes field the three Alous (Matty, Jesus and Felipe) played outfield together. It was the first time in Major League history three brothers started or played a game together in the outfield on the same team. That’s about all I have to say about the Giants right now.

There were some great comment threads recently about the Giants, Bruce Bochy’s legacy, and other scuttlebut.

Happy Orange Friday everyone. It’s one of the last of the season so I am going to proudly wear my orange Buster jersey.

Five Questions

  1. How much blame should Bochy get for the team’s record this season?
  2. Which player will have the biggest bounce back next season?
  3. Which Alou has the coolest first name?
  4. Will the Indians break the Giants winning streak record of 26?
  5. Who should win the 2017 AL MVP?