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The Sell-Out “Streak” is over. 530 games, spanning 8 seasons, is impressive no matter how many times the Giants management kept the streak afloat artificially. The National League record is a testament to the greatness of the Giants on the field, the beauty of the park, and the ardor of the fans. It is something to embrace and remember, especially because anyone who attended a game in that span was part of history.

It was interesting listening to Larry Baer join Jon Miller and Dave Fleming on the radio in the 7th inning last night. He was very upbeat, gracious and professional about the streak as he thanked the fans. While there was an air of subdued sadness in the booth, especially with Dave Fleming sheepishly asking if this meant last night’s game was not a sell-out. While failure is always sad it’s important for Giants fans to remember how far the team has come in the past 23 years.

I moved to San Francisco in 1992. A few weeks later Peter Magowan bought the team and then proceeded to immediately sign Barry Bonds. I remember going to games at Candlestick when there might be 12,000 fans present. I remember falling in love with the Giants classic uniforms and Barry Bonds’s athleticism from the beginning. While I don’t have quite the historical longevity of being a Giants fans that many of you have, I do think it is important to see this down year in context and appreciate the success the team and organization has had in the past eight years.

Winning one World Series is so so so so difficult. I believe the World Series is the toughest championship to win in sports. I spent 30 plus years as an Expo fan without even sniffing a National League pennant!

For the Giants to win 3 in 5 is a memory and experience of a lifetime that I will always treasure.

Let’s get sentimental for a moment as we celebrate what the sell-out streak meant: baseball greatness in the greatest city in the greatest park in America. It’s more fun than talking about last night’s game.


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