Greek Giant

MadBum starts tonight for the San Franciscans after leap-frogging Matt Cain for a start against the dreaded Dodgers on Sunday Night Baseball. My guess is Bochy wanted his ace on National TV to beat the bums, particularly after the Los Angelinos won the first two games of the series and are leading the world in every stat, including wins.

My heart-felt thanks to Dr. Lefty for a great preview and wrap. Remember folks that she is a volunteer doing this out of the grace of her heart and for all of you, and me!

Five Questions

  1. Are Dodger fans, with their late arrivals, and early departures, the worst fans in baseball?
  2. Is MadBum back?
  3. How do you feel about Bochy letting Hwang hit while Joey Baseball languished on the bench in yesterday’s ninth inning at-bat?
  4. Is Bobby Evans done dealing this season?
  5. Can the Giants challenge the Dodgers next season?