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Greek Giant

Between blackouts, lack of reliable Internet, travels and illnesses, I have not watched a single Giants game yet. Tonight is my first, I hope but you never know. (Greece may go to war with Turkey at any moment now.)

I’ll be very upset of something as old-fashioned as war gets in the way of my baseball viewing experience.

Andrew Suarez is taking the mound in his Major League debut. That’s the second game in a row a Giant starting pitcher is debuting. That is pretty neat. You wanted an injection of youth? Be careful what you ask for say I!

Here is a nice video scouting report on Suarez at

Let’s look at the first ten games of the season for a little perspective. The Giants faced Kershaw twice, Felix Hernandez, Patrick Corbin, and three good teams. They have split without Bum, without Smarge, and without Longoria (well ok, he is in the line up but until he starts hitting we can consider him awol.)

I will take 5-5 in those circumstances any day of the week. Most impressive is the nature of the wins: Cutch’s two walk-offs, Panki’s two bombs after amazing pitching performances. etc. …

Thanks for the photos Crawnik and Lefty. It looks like you were having fun and I can’t wait to see a River Cats game in July when I visit.