AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Greek Giant

Maybe it’s all the cheesesteaks or the monuments. I cannot explain how the Giants are playing so poorly in every facet of the game since they arrived in Philadelphia. Last night’s debacle was downright embarrassing. It was so awful that the Phillies fans and personnel in the stadium felt sorry for me and were trying to cheer me up. They were sheepish and almost apologetic for the ass-kicking, the second in three days and their third win in a row.

There are no excuses for poor baseball: getting picked off when you are down two runs, errors on routine plays on a regular basis, walking so many batters, striking out at an epidemic rate, etc.

I am going to today’s game with Surf Maui. We are gluttons for punishment.

Who are these guys, these Giants that make the 2018 Phillies starters look like the 1971 Orioles?

Who are these guys, these Giants pitchers that cannot get any outs in crucial situations and keep walking so many batters?

Either the Phillies are going to win 100 games this year and the Giants lose another 98 or something is amiss….