Greek Giant

One of the reasons I respect the Cardinals is that they are a tremendously consistent organization with rarely a bad season. They seem like perennial contenders and appear to be running a pipeline of excellent coaching, development and drafting, regardless of their previous year’s finish or draft order. In short, the St. Louis Cardinals are perhaps among the most efficient and well-run organizations in all of sports, forget just baseball.

When the Cardinals play the Giants it always feels like a special matchup to me. You get two senior members of the National League with their respective glorious traditions and histories duking it out for the ghosts of Willie Mays and Stan Musial. It’s always a little more special to watch our boys play the Redbirds.

What most galls me about the 2.5 seasons of atrocious baseball the Giants have now played is how it damages the image and brand of the team in the eyes of many other fans and journalists. It does matter to me how the Giants are perceived. it matters to me that the Giants are not clearly also-rans and totally irrelevant, if not even a laughing stock of how not to run a Major League team: sign over-priced over-30 free agent pitchers, trade for past-their-prime fading stars; extend the contracts of your homegrown heroes out of loyalty even when they are in serious decline….

I will always love the Giants but I am now officially at a pessimistic place as a fan and I no longer have any confidence in the braintrust that runs our beloved ballclub.

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courtesy of ESPN