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The Giants lost a winnable game when their improved bullpen failed to hold on to another lead. Did you know the Giants lead the Major Leagues in blown saves?

The game was barely winnable however because the real goats were the Giants hitters, who after four innings allowed Mike Leake to carve them up as if he were Greg Maddux circa 1995. Through four innings Leake had thrown forty pitches. The Giants did not have a runner reach second base till the sixth.

BB9 got hurt, a hyper-extended knee. No word yet on how many games he will miss.

It was hard to watch this game and honestly believe the Giants are a contender. Their weak at-bats and general offensive pathos are not the makings of a division winner or postseason participant.

In their last thirty games Brandon Belt is batting .237; Buster Posey is batting .236 and Brandon Crawford is batting .196. That’s a lot of woeful hitting by the Giants veteran core. It’s called a team slump and is the major reason why the Giants are 8-11 in the mont of July so far. It’s a minor miracle the record is that good and only the pitching deserves credit.’

In the past 19 games of July the Giants have failed to score more than 2 runs 12 times. That’s downright astounding, almost comical.

Once again Derek Holland pitched very well and deserved a better fate. Since he likely has no long-term future with the Giants he would be one piece I would trade to a contender for prospects. His stock has risen greatly this season after finding his career at the edge of the Great Pit of Carcoon.

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    4 1/2 out in late July.

    IT’S OVER!!!!!!

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      I want to believe, too, but what I’m seeing doesn’t comport with them being a contending team.

      Their ace missed two months and hasn’t been himself since he’s been back. Their #2 ace has a ticking time bomb in his right elbow. Their #3 starter may not be back at all this year. The 3B, 2B, and now maybe the 1B are all injured. The closer punched a wall. No one is hitting–the only reason they stayed in those two games is some generosity from the Mariners and some grit. And the bullpen, one of their strengths, is starting to falter regularly. The Giants lead the majors in blown saves.

      I just don’t see the pieces fitting together. I know what day it is on the calendar and I know the standings. But in 2010, the Giants had the best pitching staff in baseball and were the best defensive team. They had three guys with over 20 homers and two more at 16+. Yes, they started out slow and couldn’t score, but there was always the talent for them to go on a run–and even then, they needed a September collapse by the Padres.

      I really, really wish I could see it differently, and I’m not trying to be all Doomsday, but I’m also trying to be objective.

The Box (Read it and Weep)

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Tonight the Giants return home to face the suddenly struggling Brewers. First pitch is at 7:05 Willie Mays time. Wade Miley faces Dereck Rodriguez.