Greek Giant

The Lost Weekend is a fabulous movie filled with pathos and angst whose highlight is a memorable performance by Ray Milland. The San Francisco version features a familiar and not-so-familiar cast of players.

The Niners lost.

The Giants are in the midst of an eight game losing streak, getting bested again yesterday by the Milwaukee Brewers. Our boys are basically a Spring Training lineup at this point and it has paid a price in the standings. Ryder Jones is out for the season after providing some surprising muscle in his limited 2018 engagements.

Madison BumGarner pitched well until he didn’t, which means against a line up like that of the Brew Crew our once indomitable ace appears to be vulnerable from time to time. Bumgarner’s confrontation with Ryan Braun was one of those Alpha Male contests that are destined to make the highlight reels. Unfortunately, it ended very badly for Madison and the Giants as that fateful sixth decided the game in favor of the sausage-eaters.

Tonight the Giants return home to face the Braves. Game time is at 7:15 PM. Surely the Giants will not go 0 – September!