Full box

by Dr Lefty

OK, OK. I know it’s only September 8, and I know it’s only six games (and counting). Chances are the Giants will win a game in September, sometime, somehow, some way. Last night’s loss was much like all the recent losses–decent-to-good starting pitching (I’d put Holland’s effort as “good”–five walks, but the home plate umpire was a mess), very little hitting, sieve-like relief pitching. Not worth arguing whether Strickland or Watson was more to blame for the decisive seventh-inning–they’ve both been pretty awful. Watson in the first half had an argument to make the All-Star team. In the second half, he has a 5.06 ERA. As for Meathead, since returning from the disabled list August 18, he’s appeared in eight games and has a 6.04 ERA and a 1.5 WHIP, only four strikeouts in 7.1 innings, and as many walks as strikeouts (including the crucial two last night).

Alen Hanson hit his second home run of the road trip, and Chris Shaw did a nice job of pulling a grounder to first to drive in a run. Holland was good–he hasn’t lost a decision in nine post-All-Star starts and has a 2.45 ERA in that period. Steven Okert continued a nice return to the majors in a small sample size (two innings, no baserunners, 3 Ks).  Hundley and Bochy got ejected in the ninth inning after everyone had enough of inept home plate umpire Adam Hamari.  And there you have it.


What’s in a name?

Since there’s not much else to say about the game or the losing streak, let’s look at the week in review depending on what your name is.


If your name is Dere(c)k…

You made one of the better starts this week and you’re one of the bright spots of the season. (Unless your last name is “Law,” in which case you have a high-ankle sprain and another season has ended for you with a whimper.)

If your name is Chris…

You hit the longest homer of any Giant in three years for your first (and so far only) major-league hit OR you made another good start as you try to work your way back into relevance for the Giants’ 2019 rotation.

If your name is Brandon…

You have a sore knee and you’re struggling with a wicked, weeks-long slump.

If your name is Hunter…

This week kinda sucked for you.

If your name is Steven…

You either had shoulder surgery OR you returned to the majors for the first time this year and have looked good so far (and Tony Watson’s struggles give you some value/hope for the future).

If your name is Andrew…

You got shipped to the Yankees and the airline lost your luggage so you had to spend your off-day in the hotel bathrobe OR you got taken deep THREE times by Trevor Story.

If you have a quirky name like “Alen” or “Gorkys” or “Aramis“…

You actually had a decent week and hit two homers. Here’s Garcia’s second homer (in only two starts and 7 ABs).

If you have a nice good-ol’-boy name like “Ray”…

You had one of the few good moments of the week when you blew gas by a guy trying to hit his fourth homer of the game.


Tonight’s game

Wait, Gio Gonzalez is on the Brewers now?  I must have missed it in all the excitement.


Giants at Brewers, 4:10 p.m. at Miller Park
Chris Stratton (9-8, 4.90 ERA) vs. Gio Gonzalez (7-11, 4.57 ERA)


Stratton’s three starts since returning from AAA have been excellent: 20.1 innings, 14 hits, 0 walks(!), four earned runs, and 12 strikeouts. Hopefully he can keep it going, cementing the Legend of Vogey the Pitcher-Fixer. Sounds like we might get Avelino’s debut today, too.


On a personal note…

My kitchen is about 98% done, and we’re going to unpack the boxes today. If you’re interested, here’s an album of before (blindingly-white 80s-era white tile), during (after the demo), and after (I did a photo shoot yesterday after the painters left before I start cluttering things up again). A last bit of wrangling with the contractor remains–they sent us a final invoice, but the job isn’t actually finished: the electrical didn’t pass the “final” city inspection and mysteriously, the cabinet piece that should cover the area under the sink hasn’t shown up, even though the rest of the cabinets were installed several weeks ago.

That’s all I got after a desultory week of Giants baseball (and “desultory” is being generous). I miss Buster. I miss Johnny. I miss Pablo. I miss Duggar. I miss Cutch. Lefty out.