AP Photo: Ben Margot

Greek Giant

Three of the five runs that scored for the Rockies in last night’s game reached base via a walk. It seems to be a thing lately for the Giants pitchers. In Pennsylvania, I remember at least 4 games were the opposition scored multiple runs in a game with batters that reached via walks, many of them of the leadoff variety. Three of those walks occurred in the ninth when Pierce Johnson walked two and Corey Gearrin walked one. Both runs driven in by Carlos Gonzales reached via walks.

BCraw got ejected.

The most exciting thing about the game, after BB9’s two-run bullet of a home run, his fourth in four games, was the Seagulls.

Duane Kuiper’s call of Belt’s double-home run, was hilarious. The umpires first ruled it a double and replay correctly overturned the call and gave Belt a dinger.

Jeff Samardzija pitched ok, good enough for the team to win I guess, allowing three runs in 6 1/3 innings.

BCraw and Bochy got ejected after they argued a called third strike that appeared to be border line low.

It was that kind of night.

The Giants dropped to 22-23. They are fighting hard folks. The Rockies relief corps pitched many scoreless innings (I don’t feel like looking it up). Shaw and Ottavino struck out three batters each and made the Giants look bad. The Rockies pitching is much improved and the main reason the Colorodans are only 1.5 games behind Arizona.

Derek Holland is pitching tonight.