Greek Giant

This is only the second World Series to feature two expansion teams (2015 Mets and Royals). This is also the World Series of starting pitching, correcting the aberrant fetishism of relief pitchers. The Astros are the only team in the American League that had three pitchers pitch 200 or more innings (Verlander, Cole, Greinke). The Nationals had two in Corbin and Strasburg.

For my money the Astros have a team for the ages, reminiscent of those late 1980s Athletics squads.

The Nationals are a team on a mission and they are no David to the Houston Goliath. The Washingtonians are a legitimate powerhouse. That 19-31 record they started their season with came without Trea Turner, Ryan Zimmerman and Anthony Rendon.

My pick: Nationals in seven.