Greek Giant

Finally, there is some Giants news in this early stage of the 2019-2020 offseason. Yesterday the Giants tendered qualifying offers to both Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith. The Bumgarner offer is not really a surprise. The Will Smith case is perhaps a safe bet for both parties. In this case, the qualifying offer is $17.8 million. That’s a lot of loose change, particularly for Smith, the reliever. Regarding MadBum, it now appears more and more likely he will become a free agent, rejecting the Giants QO in the process.

Typing this last sentence was very difficult.

I’m not going to accept Bumgarner leaving the Giants until when and if it actually happens.

Regarding Will Smith, he may choose to take the big bucks for one more season in San Francisco. Players cannot be given two qualifying offers in a row by the same team. If either or both players were to sign with other teams as free agents, the Giants would receive a first round pick in 2020 by the teams that signed our beloved Lefty pitchers.

I’m still not sure how signing Bumgarner is any kind of financial or roster downside for the Giants, a team flush with cash, and very little starting pitching depth. We shall see. Stay tuned.