Greek Giant

I miss baseball! This is going to be a long offseason. There really is NO GIANTS NEWS of late. It appears the Giants are being very hush hush about the new coaching staff. I could write reviews of 2019 and various players but that would be so 2019.. It was not a very good year for our boys of Summer so I prefer to focus on the future.

The Giants are NOT going to acquire Matt Duffy, who was recently cut by the Rays. Unfortunately the once and former Giant third baseman has never really recovered from his Achilles injury and appears to have a very cloudy future in Major League Baseball.

To show you how fallow the fields of Giants news are lately the press has to resort to stories about why or why not Gabe Kapler has/has not reached out to Madison Bumgarner. This is starting to feel like a junior high romance… Does he like me???

Speaking of Madison Bumgarner it appears he is gone. I am very angry about this slowly evolving realization. One wonders how on Earth the Giants cannot sign a franchise icon at a decent contract particularly with their rich coffers and desperate need for starting pitching. It appears, quite frankly, that the Giants and Zaidi are in full-on tank mode, expecting to lose 100 games next season. I am not happy about this possibility…

To quote the honorable Dr. Lefty: “If the Giants don’t sign MadBum Bobbleheads will die..”

The Giants should also bring back Kevin Pillar.

It may be time to fire up another World Series viewing party. Maybe we will start with the 2014 NLDS later next week.