Greek Giant

It’s a peculiar phenomenon the ballpark giveaway for baseball games. No other sport does it: Go to a game, get a gift. I remember when Burger King gave away Star Wars Posters in 1977. I remember getting a goofy miniature baseball bat at Olympic Stadium in 1989 at an Expos game. The Giants do giveaways like bobbleheads, funky caps and other gifts better than just about any other team.

Recently the Giants announced their 2019 giveaways and promotions.

There will be a Buster Posey cap.

There will be a Dereck Rodriguez bobblehead and another two-flaps down Elmer Fudd hat!

My favorite I think, is the Pablo Sandoval pitching bobblehead!

This is going to be highly collectible as they say…


My collection is piling up and I am already eagerly scheduling my trips to Willie Mays Field next season.