Greek Giant

There are numerous numerical notations to specify for this ballgame:

  • Bruce Bochy won his 1999th game as a Manager
  • The Giants set a team record for players (25) and pitchers (13) used in one game
  • Steven Vogt caught all 15 innings and 294 pitches
  • Mike Yastrezmski hit his 20th homer in his first game at Fenway Park
  • The game lasted 5 hours and 54 minutes

Alex Dickerson drove in the winner with a sacrifice fly in the top of the fifteenth inning giving the Giants a 7-6 thriller. The Giants were trying to close out the game with a 6-5 lead in the bottom of the 13th when with two outs and the bases load Kyle Barreclough walked in the tying run.

There is much more to write about and contemplate but I’m still jet-lagged after waking up at 5 am in Paris to watch the game.

There were excellent jokes made in the commentaries by the Together We’re Giants faithful:

SurfMaui: “Giants still not eliminated from the WC.”

Matthew: “This guy (Bear Claw) has the mound presence of Don Knotts.”

Dr. Lefty: “If Bear Claw is still pitching next inning bobbleheads will die.”

There were many others. Go back and read the previous post thread.

This game was also exhibit A why something needs to change with baseball in September. The roster expansion means you get never ending pitching changes, games that go way past their best by date and relentless breaks in the action. It’s just ridiculous now. Next year’s rules limiting pitching changes may help but it may be time to look at limiting roster expansions as well.

One last note, this game was also a study in why the Designated Hitter has hurt baseball. Without any double-switches, pitching changes lose their importance on rosters and position player availability. It’s not real baseball.

The Sacramento River Cats are Champions!

Something wonderful happened last night in Memphis: The Sacramento River Cats won the AAA National Championship. It’s a rare feat and something all Giants fans should celebrate and remember. The River Cats had to face an extraordinary number of roster changes and the pillaging of their top players by the Giants. To come back from a 2-1 deficit to win the Pacific Coast League Championship is one thing but to win the one game AAA crown is even more special. This ring means more than sentiment. It’s a way for the Giants young prospects to experience winning together as they evolve, hopefully, to Major Leaguers and champions for the big club. It’s part of a winning culture and a very auspicious debut for Farhan Zaidi’s new staff and approach to developing players.