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As this 2019 campaign takes a turn for the even more absurd, from Conor Joe absurd evolving to Nick Vincent intentionally starting a Major League Baseball game totally f-cking absurd sh-t show….I’m embarrassed for the Giants.

That Bruce Bochy would allow the ridiculously stupid relief pitcher game to take place on his watch makes me very sad and angry.

This is what the mighty have come to: adopting a stupid fad created by a broke and empty Tampa Bay Rays organization and then having that fad blow up in your face in front of a half-empty stadium… It’s just really terrible.

There is nothing good to come out of this situation..

What angers me the most is that having a reliever start a game and then employing all relievers to pitch a game is so obviously ludicrous that it should simply not be done if you are the San Francisco Giants, at least not done when your starting staff is healthy and you have other options. Not only did Nick Vincent get lit up in the first (so much for that first inning runs allowed issue being addressed), but the Giants also got to use six pitchers, all bullpen guys, in the process. Now, they will probably survive this game in terms of pitches thrown and pitchers used. But that’s not the point.

The point is this: sometimes ideas fail because of bad execution. Sometimes ideas fail because they are simply bad and the risk of failure far outweighs any potential benefits. Such was the case with last night’s decision to go to an all-bullpen game in the middle of May, by design.

The season is 25% complete and the Giants are on a pace to lose 96 games. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: It could be Zaidi’s strategy to tank this season and throw everything but the kitchen sink to the wall to see what sticks/works.

Consider me a dissenting voice.

At least today we get to see Shaun Anderson make his Major League debut!

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