Greek Giant

The Giants loss to the Rockies yesterday was a story of one at bat: David Dahl’s grand slam in the top of the third inning with two outs and the home town leading 2-0. It was a killer and a very Samadzija-like way to lose. The Giant right hander had cruised through the first and the second retiring the first six Rockies he faced but then surrendered the fateful blast to left with two outs after a leadoff walk, an infield single and a walk to Charlie Blackmon, probably the hottest hitter in baseball at the moment.

Smarge has allowed 17 runs in his last 21 1/3 innings for a 7.17 ERA. It’s a bit of a small sample size to be sure but it is also ghastly. You need more from your veterans and the Giants have not been getting consistency in their rotation from anyone not named Shaun Anderson of late. Samadzija’s season ERA is now 4.52. For what the Giants spent to get him (somebody look it up! It’s enough to buy an island in the South Pacific) the athletic former wide receiver has been somewhat short of terrible and verging on the mediocre at best.

That’s kind of what the Giants are now as a team: Not the worst team in the Majors, just mostly terrible. The siren’s call of mediocrity eludes them.

Every time the Giants look like they are going to go on a nice run, say win 12 of 20 or even 13 of 21, they lay an egg. It’s what lousy teams do.

Perhaps this is all a strategic maneuver for better draft position, subconsciously, secretly in the recesses of that Championship Blood.

At some point I will write a post on Giants analytics defining the difference between “lousy,” “bad”, “horrible.” and “mediocre.” I will need a few cocktails first.

Despite the loss there were bright spots yesterday. Pablo hit a “big boy blast” over the center field kale garden.

Alex Dickerson continues to produce runs.

That’s about it…

The Box

Today is a new day.

The Giants have a new promotion coming up:

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The Giants host the Diamondbacks tonight at 6:45 PM, Willie Mays Field Time. Alex Young faces Tyler Beede.