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  • The action of pulling down or removing a person’s trousers (and sometimes underpants), especially as a practical joke; an instance of this.


1940s; earliest use found in Nevada State Journal. From pants + -ing.





How many runs did the Yankees score? Problem isn’t the ball park. Team can’t hit. Hasn’t in 4 years. Hopefully Zaidi sees this and cuts some dead weight.

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    This Giants team is a stone cold bummer from an observer’s perspective. If Pablo isn’t in the lineup, the best bat is a .222. If the pitching wasn’t way above average these guys would be 7-21. If the pitching goes on vacation we could see a truly memorable losing streak.

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      This team is a mystery.


      Even in good times, there were too many Giants rookies unprepared for MLB. Always excuses, but other teams don’t have “adrenaline problems”

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      As I posted below, this series was a contrast between a top-notch organization and one that is old and behind the times. These Yankees players were called up due to injuries to their starters, and they’re immediately ready to step in and do damage.

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        Yes it’s obvious that we have no one to call up who would make an immediate difference. The inferiority of our farm system is finally biting us in the ass and the problem is that it takes a good many years to rebuild the farms. That’s why we’re not going to be in contention for many years to come.

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        I didn’t see the post game presser. How’d Bochy look? He have flames coming outta his ass? I hope he’s one pissed off manager right now. I would be if I had a 200M ball club playing like a soggy loaf of bread in my final season as a manager. He’s got to be fired up.

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        I had to copy this from another Twitter account that was on Pavs’ Twitter page:

        When their bats are rockin’ their pitching is dying.

        When their pitching is rockin’ their bats are dying.

        This has been their “out-of-sync” curse the past 2.5 seasons…

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        Line scores from the first 26 games show why the games are so boring.
        Last column is the hits, with a mark if only one inning had scoring, or two xx when shutout.
        13 of the games are marked thusly.


The Box

*This title was inspired by a comment by Dr. Lefty. The author would like to thank her for her wit and fine usage of this under-utilized term within baseball.