Greek Giant

I really have no idea what to write about. Something in me is dead inside since Madison Bumgarner departed (Something I will never, ever get over) , since Bochy departed, since it has become obvious the Giants are now being operated like an organization that cares nothing about winning and is focusing on maximizing every profit margin… Did Jeffrey Loria buy the team while I was sleeping?

Life without baseball is rough..

Life without optimism in the Giants is pure hell… the Albert Camus “The Stranger” hell… I feel like I am experiencing a flashback to life as an Expos fan when the team was stripped of its assets and management just wanted to… oh F8jbuu7ck it!

Let’s focus on other things today because I’m currently in the midst of one hell of a baseball (Giants) writer’s block!

Here goes:

Maybe Dusty Baker will finally win a World Series?

Fangraphs has released the Giants 2020 Zips projections and they are not pretty. 

Word on the street is that the Giants may pursue Yasiel Puig, now that Nick (Never was he going to be a Giant) Castellanos. If this happens I may go dark and swear off baseball for good…

The Giants recently signed Darin Ruf, a former Phillie who plays the outfield and first base.

Willie Mays released a statement on the death of Kobe Bryant:

Former Giants GM Bobby Evans is now in the running for the Astros GM position. This could be interesting:

Go Niners!