Greek Giant

Good day to all and Happy Holidays. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, Kawanzaa, Hannukah, Festivus (looking at you Dr. Lefty) and any other holiday one celebrates this time of year.

TWG was down off and on due to some technical issues or Dodger-Loving Russian hackers. Rest assured we have resolved this nefarious attack and our team is in the process of some seriously poetic retaliation of the Giant kind.

I want to address a recent kerfuffle between various members and remind everyone of the Together We’re Giants policy regarding posting and abuse.

  1. No abuse, no insults, no put-downs, no vulgarities. Simple as that. If you are the target of abuse email me and I will address it. I will usually give people one warning and a chance to apologize. After that I ban you.
  2. I, and Dr. Lefty are solely responsible for policing the blog. Nobody else has the deputy badge of the TWG police department. It’s a weighty responsibility. This means we are the law and TWG faithful do not have the right to give orders or take it up on themselves to attack others because of perceived grievances. If you witness unruly behavior, simply email me or Dr. Lefty unless it is something relatively trivial, in which case I recommend you do not take it personally or at the very least, just write a note to the perpetrator airing your grievance.
  3. Read the blog if you like. Don’t if you don’t. This means the blog is free for all but not a free-for-all. It means we are a community and I hope we will treat each other as the Giant family that we are. Sometimes families have their differences, please be kind and respectful when they arise.
  4. Have fun.

I am grateful for the tremendous readership of this blog. This is an amazing forum for wonderful exchanges and information for all things Giant and somethings not. I started this blog as a way to keep the old Giants Extra community together. I never envisioned we would get over 20,000 readers a month and have a global following that puts us at the top of the search engines and distinguishes us from those other Giants blogs replete with banal Giants posts and horrible advertising, not to mention infantile commentariat.

Love to you all!

Go Giants!