Greek Giant

With the terrible destruction in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico Together We’re Giants will create a new auction as part of the site with proceeds to go to the American Red Cross for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria relief.

This site has been a labor of love since day 1. I have never asked anything of you all except to help others.

My company, MediaSophia built and maintains this site. It costs money.

It costs my time (very valuable) and my creativity (of questionable value).

Here is your chance to give back and say “thank you”.

The auction will include everything from my collection of awesome baseball cards to an autographed and framed Tim Lincecum jersey, and 49ers gear.  To repeat: all proceeds, after maintenance and paypal fees, will go to the American Red Cross. That means about 95% of receipts will go to this excellent cause!

This is an open call to donate any item that you think might sell and be worthy of bidding on. Please dig deep, find something cool and email me a description and photos at Donors to the auction do not have to ship their items to me. They will ship their items to the winner of the auction and I will send each donor that information. Buyers will pay all shipping and handling fees so all you give up is some forgotten item collecting dust on your shelf or behind your closet.

Each donor will be mentioned in a special article along with each item they donate.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday October 10, 2017.

I want to thank Surf Maui for his donations and his support in this project.

This is a great cause and worthy of our efforts.