Greek Giant

Ok Gang, We are done with the first round of Guests Posts and you have exceeded my expectations, which were, in all honesty, fairly modest. Your stories are provocative, heart-warming, funny and a wonderful archive of Giants fandom. In fact, the Guest Posts are so good that I created a whole page dedicated only to them.

Now it’s time for a second round. As Together We’re Giants gets bigger and bolder we will be expanding many of the wonderful aspects of this site with more interviews, artwork and Guest Posts. For the second set of contributions here are the guidelines:

  1. Write about a specific game in Giants history that you remember watching in person, on tv or on the radio (listening to)
  2. Write about how this game impacted your life and Giants fandom
  3. Send me box scores, notes, scorecards and any photos related to that game

That’s it! Very simple stuff. Clutch has been sending me some cool things lately. We have a new Guest Post tomorrow from Surf Maui, continuing his thoughts on his awesome Giants memorabilia.

Stay tuned for news on more exciting phenomena like the first Together We’re Giants Convention, an online charity auction, and much more.

Send all submissions to