Greek Giant

I spent my Sunday evening at Surf Maui’s helping him organize and curate his baseball memorabilia collection and it got me thinking: Why don’t the Giants have a museum dedicated to their storied history? After visiting the marvelous Yankees Museum at  Yankee Stadium and the Atlanta Braves Museum at Turner Field (which will be moving to their new stadium next season) it dawned on me that a museum dedicated to the Giants is a must for all baseball fans. Heck, even the Tampa Bay Rays have a museum dedicated to Ted Williams and the proud history of baseball in the Tampa Bay area. Each of these is a treat for baseball fans and a must-see!

I was very surprised visiting Willie Mays Field for the first time in 2013 and discovering there was no real collection of Giants history that one could call a museum. To me, the Giants are one of the truly storied and historical franchises in not only baseball but all of sports. Between Mays and McGraw, Ott and Barry, there are few franchises that can claim so many historically brilliant players and moments. It strikes me as a major oversight that the Giants brass did not think to integrate a dedicated part of our beautiful park for this purpose.

Let’s assume that all the space at Willie Mays Field is taken. The museum could be built in an adjacent structure or annexed as part of the huge Giants Dugout store. There is enough real estate to make it happen, especially considering the fact that the Giants ownership has become a major real estate holder in the city.

The Giants Museum would offer fans from all walks of life and locations to learn about the epic exploits of our heroes and would offer up displays of jerseys, bats, baseballs, classic videos, stories and more. It would be epic. It would be a success and it wold add yet another exciting dimension to visiting the most gorgeous park in the most beautiful city in the Major Leagues.

One of my favorite experiences of going to Giants games at Willie Mays Field is chatting up the fans around me and making new friends. Invariably I encounter baseball fans taking tours of the parks around the Major Leagues or even tourists just curious to catch a ballgame. Last year I met a mom from Quebec (my home province in Canada) who did a road trip with her son of ballparks across the USA. They come from everywhere these fans and a new Giants Museum would be a fitting gift to all who attend the games as much as it would be a fitting tribute to the glorious histories of the San Francisco and New York Giants.

Perhaps a petition to Sir Laurence M. Baer is in order.

P.S. Surf Maui has a veritable Giants Memorabilia Museum in his house and I highly recommend a visit if you are in South Florida.