Haak Away

Giants Prospects Who Have Turned It Around This Year …
And the MyGuyScouts™ Who Saw Them Coming!

Seven years ago, “my guy” became a term thrown around to attach oneself to the current rising star of the week. The next week we would declare the next shiny object “my guy”. It is our human nature to do this. But then some here caught on to the unique power of Baseball to elevate our nature.

“What if I thought about one guy?”
“What if I learned his story and saw his potential?”
“What if I joined him on his journey this year?”

Here are the Giants prospects that are making the biggest steps forward from 2021.
MyGuy2022™ Mid-Season Results

Top Five Most Improved Hitters

Luis Gonzalez, OF
Ricardo Genoves, C
David Villar, 3B
Jhonny Pereda, C
Ka’ai Tom, OF

Will Wilson, SS
Michael Gigliotti, OF
Frank Tostado, 1B
Shane Mathney, 2B/3B
Sean Roby, 3B

Marco Luciano, SS
Casey Schmitt, 3B
Carl Aldrete, 1B/3B
Luis Toribio, 1B/3B
Patrick Bailey, C

Carter Williams, OF
Grant McCray, OF
Garrett Frechette, 1B
Dilan Rosario, 2B/SS
Abdiel Layer, INF/UTL

Top Five Most Improved Pitchers

Jakob Junis
Joey Marciano
Yunior Marte
Emmanuel DeJesus
Mauricio Llovera

Ben Rivera
Taylor Rashi
Jake Dahlberg
Ryan Walker
Ryan Murphy

Kyle Harrison
Prelander Berroa
Will Jensen
Ty Weber
Clay Helvey

Mason Black
Mat Olsen
Landen Roupp
Seth Lonsway
Trevor McDonald

The MyGuyScouts™ Standings
1) CapB
2) stevek
3) Crawnik
4) giantc
5) ahs
6) SkweezPlay
7) RobDeer
8) TotalFan62
9) PerSpeier35
10) WilliamHenri

Take heart, many of you have players who were promoted but have not served enough time to get credit. You will see more improvement very soon.

If any of you 30 MyGuyScouts™ want to know where you stand, write to me at MySFGiantGuy at gMel dOtt calm