Frank Novak

I think some may feel that I don’t criticize the front office enough. I didn’t disagree with the sentiment that in the last couple seasons they moved players too conservatively, but having worked in the minors myself (for several organizations), I respect that every club had a process and there’s not only one way to find success in that. This year the Giants have sped up that process especially on the offensive end. I figured ‘Mr. .400’ Wade Meckler would last at least until June in the Pacific Northwest but alas, they moved him up. I applaud the thinking. You can’t wonder if Pete Putila has had input on that change of thought because the rest of the player development staff is largely unchanged from 2022.

But…I still believe they’re leaving a few transactions on the table. So here are a few off day organizational transactions I’d make today if I was in charge…

There are three relievers that need to move up from Eugene to Richmond.

Tyler Myrick, Hunter Dula, and Jose Cruz (40-man). Myrick and Dula are both 24 years old and pitched in the Arizona Fall League last fall. They’re over baked in Eugene. Cruz is younger but dominating in Eugene and on the 40-man.

From San Jose, Jack Choate and Manuel Mercedes look well positioned for a promotion joining Carson Whisenhunt and John Bertrand, who already moved up.

In Richmond, Kai Wei Teng needs to go to Sacramento. I’d move Ryan Jensen up too and put both arms in the AAA rotation. Matt Frisbee or Michael Stryffler would be the third guy to go up to clear room. I’d consider moving Blake Rivera up too, but his last few outings have been shakier. Rivera I see as a potential bullpen option for the big club though so we need to see him in AAA sooner than later.

I believe Sacramento has an open roster spot, but it’s the end of the line for Drew Strotman and Daniel Tillo. Released. Fact is, neither is ever going to pitch in SF.

Make no mistake – Strotman and Tillo may very well be great dudes, good locker room presences and mentors for younger guys. Those guys are important and it’s absolutely why a guy like Matt Frisbee is still around. But Strotman and Tillo were milb FA pickups, the opposite of Frisbee, who was a 2018 draft pick. Your future coaches, sometimes your future scouts or even video room analysts, they oftentimes come from this class of player. This concept is very seldomly discussed, but that has value too.

Either the case, I think we are seeing a new philosophy being put into place within the walls of player development, and it should result in fewer of the ‘dumpster dive’ pickups (already has really) and ultimately, more Giants draftees getting major league opportunities.