Four years ago we started holding each other accountable for our strident opinions and wild predictions on prospects. Our question was what player is going to rise and what player is going to sink. We blended this with our love of minor leaguers that just might become tomorrow’s heroes. The seeds for this love of prospects were planted by some legendary names from the past including “avwh” and “Chef Mike” plus the present posters, “FoothillsRyanPitcherInTheRyeScout” and “VegasGiantsFan”.

Honestly, I just got tired of seeing some of you come up with a different “MyGuy” every day. So this comes under the ” fish or cut bait” category. This means we each have to “go on the record” and commit to your players. Like our beloved game of Baseball, it really comes down to cold, hard numbers on who among us really got it right. I will record our predictions, keep them and score them until at the end of the season one of us is the MyGuyWinner™ of 2019. You will be sent an “avwh MyGuy” button with all the rights and privileges thereof. Past winners are SkweezPlay55, Noce, Doughnut and dgg. [Yet to get her pin. Where did she go?]

So here is how you participate.

MLB Giants: who will have the most improved WAR?

Pick two in this group from the 40-man roster; one Position Player and one Pitcher

Minor League Giants: who will be most improved?

Pick eight in this group; one Position Player [judged by wRC+] and one Pitcher [judged by ERA and WHIP] from each Minor League team in the Giants’ system: Augusta, San Jose, Richmond, Sacramento.

Duplication is allowed (others can also pick ‘YourGuy™’)

Post your 10 picks in response to any HaakAway post.

Deadline is May 15.

If you want more details or to give me your picks in secret write me at: My SF Giant Guy at Gee Mel dOtt com

Happy scouting those minor leaguers!